Today in our world of rising prices, Dr. Hyo Kim and our team strive to keep our fee increase to a minimum by implementing clear and exact payment policies. This will help to reduce our overhead, thus passing the savings along to our patients.

As a service to our patients, we will continue to file Insurance claims on your behalf. At Kim Dental Care, we will be offering the following payment policies:

  1. In order to keep billing to a minimum, we ask that payment for services be made at the time services are rendered unless previous financial arrangements have been made.
  2. Patients having Dental Insurance will be required to pay their DEDUCTIBLE and ESTIMATED PORTION of the fee at the time services are rendered. Treatment plans given by this office are ESTIMATED as accurately as possible as we cannot guarantee payment from your Insurance company. Any balance remaining after the Insurance Company has paid the claim will be your responsibility.
  3. While the filing of Insurance claims is a courtesy that we extend to our patients, WE MUST EMPHASIZE that as dental care providers, our relationship is with the patient, not the Insurance Company. If we do not receive payment from your Insurance Company within thirty (30) days, payment becomes your responsibility.
  4. We accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover.
  5. We have made arrangements with several finance companies to provide a variety of Interest Free and Low Interest payment plans. There is no application fee or down payment. Applications are available from our front office staff.
  6. In order to achieve quality care, Dr. Kim allows sufficient time for procedures. Cancellations or rescheduled appointments result in lost time making costs higher. We reserve the right to charge a $35.00 fee for any appointment canceled or rescheduled without 24 hour notice. Please help us to avoid charging this fee by keeping your scheduled appointment.
  7. All accounts over 90 days old incur an 18% finance charge, accruing at 1.5% per month.

Please feel free to call us if you would like to learn more about our financial policies or if you are interested in the care you can receive from our dentist in Morrow, Ohio.

After Surgery Instructions

At Kim Dental Care, we understand that it is important to follow proper post-op instructions to promote the healing process. To help you know how to care from your smile after treatment, we are happy to provide you with the following guidelines. However, these are only general suggestions. Dr. Hyo Kim and our team will provide you with more individualized instruction.

Root Canal Therapy

  • Following your treatment, you should expect soreness for a few days.
  • Avoid chewing and eating with the side of your mouth that received treatment. This is important for avoiding irritation and to ensure that any restorations set properly.
  • You will be given an antibiotic to combat any remaining infection.
  • Please call us quickly if you experience increasing pain, a negative reaction to medication, or if you lose your temporary filling.

Crowns and Bridges

  • A temporary restoration will be placed before you permanent crown. This temporary restoration is not as sturdy as your crown or bridge. We recommend that you clean and eat with care.
  • You should avoid vigorous brushing and flossing because this could dislodge your restoration. It is also important to not eat sticky or chewy foods.
  • You may experience sensitivity after a restoration (either temporary or permanent) is placed. This is common and will fade in time. While you wait, we recommend taking Advil or Tylenol. A salt water rinse may also be useful.
  • Your mouth may feel unusual as it adjusts to your restoration. Generally, your restoration should feel like a natural tooth in less than a week.
  • If your bite feels unusual, please contact us immediately.
  • It is important to care for your crown or bridge like you would a natural tooth. Please continue to brush and floss regularly.

White Fillings and Bonding

  • If you received anesthesia, you should expect your teeth to be sensitive.
  • Do not eat or drink hot foods or beverages for a few days.
  • Care for your smile like you would a normal tooth. Good dental hygiene will allow your fillings to remain for years to come.
  • After a few days, your smile should return to feeling normal.

Scaling and Root Planing

  • After scaling and root planing, your gums will likely be sore and irritated for a few days. This is normal.
  • We recommend that you rinse your mouth with warm water 2-3 times a day. This will clean your gums and relieve pain.
  • It is important to continue brushing and flossing immediately following the procedure. However, brush gently to avoid aggravating your gums.
  • We recommend placing an ice pack on any area that experiences swelling and that you take medication to alleviate pain.
  • Do not eat chewy or hard foods for the first 2-3 days .This is important to help the area heal properly.
  • If your pain or swelling does not subside after a few days, please contact us.


  • You will be given a temporary restoration before you receive your permanent veneer. To protect this temporary veneer, it is important to eat and clean your teeth gently.

  • While your temporary restoration is in place, it is extremely important to brush gently and to avoid pulling on your tooth when flossing. Also, avoid sticky, chew foods.

  • You may experience irritation after the permanent tooth is place. This is normal, and will subside in a few days. We suggest that you take pain medication and that you rinse your mouth with salt water to alleviate discomfort.

  • Your smile may feel awkward following your treatment while your mouth adjusts to your veneer. Within a week, your smile should feel like normal.

  • If your bite does not feel normal, please contact our office.

  • After your veneer is placed, it is important to clean the area between your veneer and gum line.


  • It is important to find someone to drive you home following an extraction. After this treatment, you will need to rest.
  • It is normal for a tooth to bleed for some time following an extraction. You will need to change your gauze at home once it becomes soaked.
  • Please call us if your extraction site bleeds for more than 24 hours.
  • You will need rest, but you should not lie flat. Instead, rest your head on a pillow when lying down.
  • You may use an ice pack to alleviate pain and swelling. You should also take the pain medication prescribed to you as directed.
  • You will also be provided a solution to clean your extraction site. It is important to follow the instructions.
  • You will need to eat soft food for a few days following your extraction. We recommend foods such as:
  • Yogurt
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Thin soups
  • Ice cream
  • Gelatin
  • Pudding
  • Do not use a straw. This can aggravate the healing process.
  • Avoid smoking for a few days.
  • If you experience prolonged bleeding or irritation, or are concerned that your smile is not healing properly, please contact us today.

Please feel free to contact us today if you would like further instructions or are interested in scheduling an appointment with our dentist in Morrow, Ohio.